logo400At White Lantern Film we make movies that make a difference.  We love film and from our base on the South coast of England, we use our passion to produce provocative pictures that say something about our world.

We have released the award-winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM, the psychological thriller EMULSION and recently the award-winning Sweeney Todd inspired thriller K-SHOP.

We are part of the BFI FILM ACADEMY and support the local film industry by hosting B-REEL, a quarterly film networking event, and sponsor the SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL, a festival celebrating sound and music at the cinema.  For more info, visit www.whitelantern.film.

We share a wealth of expertise with our sister company TLS, one of the UK’s leading moving image agencies.  TLS creates commercials, animations and content for brands including BT, Sainsbury’s, Garmin, Mizuno, Organix, LV and Sony.  With a range of production and post-production facilities at our disposal, the alignment between White Lantern Film and TLS creates a large, dynamic, creative force in the world of film, television and online content.

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