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BFI_FILM ACADEMY_UKNETWORK_LOGO_POSAre you 16-19? Passionate about film? Want a career in the film industry? Then the BFI Film Academy delivered by White Lantern Film is for you.

The course provides at least 40 hours of industry standard training through regular classes. Each class offers a combination of workshops, practical skills lessons and lectures. You will also get masterclasses by key industry figures, receive bespoke careers advice and work towards making a final film as part of a team.

As a graduate of the BFI Film Academy, you will become part of the growing alumni network and have access to year round events such as BAFTA career surgeries, White Lantern Film work-placements, internship’s and apprenticeships plus mentoring support and advice from the team as your career progresses.

The course incorporates a ‘Preparing to Work in the Film Industry’ accreditation and supports individual personal career and training development plans. The qualification will develop your interest, passion and skills to help you achieve a film industry career.

2017/18 Bournemouth BFI Film Academy

The deadline for applications is 5pm Monday 30th October 2017
Course Dates: 19th November 2017 until 4th February 2018





To apply for the next Bournemouth BFI Film Academy delivered by White Lantern Film simply complete the online application form HERE.  The deadline for applications is 5pm Monday 30th October (we have an extended deadline until 6th Nov for late applications).  Successful candidates will be informed between 3 – 10 November.  The course starts on 19th November 2017 and runs until 4th February 2018 on the following dates:

19th, 26th November 2017
3rd, 10th December 2017
7th, 14th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 28th, 31st January 2018
4th February 2018

Please keep these dates free encase you are successful.  The course runs on Sundays from 10am – 4pm with optional pre-production support on Wednesdays between 4pm – 7pm as scheduled.  The course features a short film production which typically films at a weekend, times do vary dependant upon the production schedule, typically the days are long and run between 8am and 8pm.

Please ensure you can attend all dates before applying.  For more information on previous BFI Film Academy’s please visit our facebook page:

If you would like to apply to a BFI Film Academy in another region, please click here.

Academy Films

White Lantern Film

logo400At White Lantern Film we make movies that make a difference.  We love film and from our base on the South coast of England, we use our passion to produce provocative pictures that say something about our world.

We have released the award-winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM and psychological thriller EMULSION.  In July we released the highly anticipated Sweeney Todd inspired thriller K-SHOP, a tense and gruesome dark comic horror which sees a young student turn vigilante on the drunken thugs who caused the death of his kebab shop-owner father.  K-SHOP delivers a cutting social commentary which White Lantern Film is developing a reputation for delivering.

We are also part of the BFI FILM ACADEMY, inspiring talented young filmmakers and supporting the local film industry in our home town Bournemouth through B-REEL, a regular film networking and screening event. To find out more visit our talent and community pages.

We share a wealth of expertise with our sister company TLS, one of the UK’s leading moving image agencies.  TLS creates commercials, animations and content for brands including BT, Sainsbury’s, Garmin, Mizuno, Organix, LV and Sony.  With a range of production and post-production facilities at our disposal, the alignment between White Lantern Film and TLS creates a large, dynamic, creative force in the world of film, television and online content.

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